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Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Skin Care |

Skincare tips

Skincare tips

Skincare is the way of prevention aging and many serious skin diseases. Cosmetics industry offers many solutions for almost every problem that can happen to your skin, but there is also many ways of prevention that you can do by yourself, too.

How-To-Buy-Best-Quality-Skin-Care-Products-In-OnlineFor hygienic and aesthetic reasons, it is necessary to clean the face once a day. When washing with soap, skin is degreasing and it dries out. Therefore, it is better to use a lotion or cleaning cream. The exception can be made when a person has acne or very oily skin. A lotion is used for hydrating and cleansing the face and neck. The lotion is also used for disinfection, and it improves blood circulation and thanks to the addition of plant extract restores natural skin reaction. Rub your skin with a wad of cotton wool in a circular motion. Washing procedure requires some precautions. The sweaty face needs to wash only with warm water. You should not use cold water to wash the face during the summer heat. In this case, it is better to wash your face with warm water without soap. It is not recommended to wash your face too often. Hard water is not good for washing. It is not good to go out immediately after washing because the wind makes the face rough and causes flaking in places. Half an hour after washing you can go out. Hand washing with soap is recommended only as a last resort. It is better to use ”green” cosmetics.

Skin-CarePreparation for hydration is very diverse – fruity and oily solutions, emulsions, creams. The skin should be hydrated when it is necessary, and at least once a day if the skin is dry. Oily skin, naturally, requires less additional hydration. Hydration can be combined with facial massage. One of the preparations for skin care is fat. To obtain the fats, producers use liquid extracts from plants which are mixed with the fat. Lack or loss of moisture strongly affects the skin. Therefore, apply various cosmetic treatments – steam baths, compresses, rubbing the face with ice cubes, etc. Steam baths are usually done before other cosmetic treatments. After them, the skin becomes clean, smooth and easier for the massages and nutrition. As a treatment for cleaning, steam baths must be done 2-3 times per month for oily skin, and for dry skin once a month. This treatment does not apply to people with bronchial asthma, hypertension, heart disease, dilated blood vessels on the face. skin-parts-girlWraps have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and neck. Warm or hot wraps are placed after the facial, massage or applying a pre nutritious masks. Cold wraps are used as the final treatment for providing elasticity to the loose skin. You can use coverings made of herbs and teas. Hydration with cubes of ice is recommended for reduced skin tone and tendency towards expanding the surface of blood vessels. Ice cubes should be used as a gentle massage in a circular motion over 20-30 seconds over your face. Then you should apply skincare cream. Ice cubes can be made from different tea herbs. Prepare tea in the usual way, pour into molds for ice and freeze it. In the morning, rub the skin. It is good to hydrate your skin by putting a teaspoon of juice or hot tea from herbs into skincare hydration cream.